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8/11 - 10/11
XIV International Forum - nuclear power, thermal power, hydro power, alternative power, electrical stations, electric power systems, electric power grids and district heating systems; coal mining and oil & gas sectors, uranium, peat mining industries, fuel and energy sector safety
8/11 - 10/11
XIV International Trade Fair - electrical and power equipment, electrical substations, power lines, cables and wires, industrial lightning, automation, measurement and control
8/11 - 10/11
International Trade Fair for Mining Industry - drilling, open pit mining, tunneling machinery and instrumentation, mining processing equipment, mining transport, spare parts and accessories, automation, underground mine life support systems, industrial safety and health
8/11 - 10/11
International Trade Fair - oil and gas well drilling, completion and maintenance machinery, systems and tools, natural gas compressor and distribution station equipment, oil and gas pipelines, storage facilities, oil and gas refining technologies, petrochemistry, automation systems, industrial, fire and environmental safety
8/11 - 10/11
XIV International Water Forum - water treatment, water supply, water removal, sewage treatment, sludge treatment, pumps, pipes and pipeline accessories, automation of management of water resources, exploration and extraction of groundwater, technologies and systems for water quality monitoring, protection of water resources, bottled water

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